Organizational Development

Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann is specialized in organizational psychology. She works with organizational development in a long-term perspective. When the strategy and vision of the organization is clarified, she will collaborate closely with the organization and its managers in order to translate the strategy to targeted managerial behaviour realizing the vision and the strategy.

Together with the customer the potential and developmental areas in the organization is identified – and the gaps between present capabilities and essential competencies to realize strategy and vision is identified. The organizational development takes its offspring in the gap analysis and necessary learning objectives are specified.

Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann assists the leaders based on an in depth understanding of the organization’s terms in identifying, fostering and implementing development goals and actions that makes it possible to liberate managerial power and energy necessary to implement the needed change.

Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann provides professional feedback and consultancy in organizational development processes which can generate:

  • Organizational change
  • A new mindset
  • Cultural changes in the organization
  • Optimization of performance

Organizational Psychologist, MSc in Psychology,
Specialist and supervisor in Organisational Psychology
Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann

August Bournonvilles Passage 1, 1055 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Phone +45 22 14 79 17, email

VAT no. DK31706238