Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann

Career Development

Throughout a manager’s career doubt on the way forward can occur – or maybe just a simple wish for new challenges: The considerations can be many:

  • What can I accomplish with my skills and competencies?
  • How can I use my potential in the most rewarding way?
  • Do I have an unutilised potential?
  • Am I capable of rewarding my ambition?
  • How do I stay motivated and the best version of myself?
  • And last but not least: How do I fulfil my career dreams?

    Career development takes a starting point in a mapping of the managers career motives and match these to existing competencies and potential. Leadership assessment can be a part of the process sharpening the manager’s self-understanding and clarifying key personal drivers. After uncovering the personal aspirations and the leadership and personal competencies a plan is formed for further career development: Concrete actions are identified and milestones agreed upon.

    Professional sparring and counselling will be part of the process.

Organizational Psychologist, MSc in Psychology,
Specialist and supervisor in Organisational Psychology
Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann

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