Executive Assessment

Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann assists organizations in uncovering leadership competencies and potential in it’s managers. The purpose is twofold: 1) supporting a recruitment process to assure as optimal match to a given position as possible and 2) ensuring a clear developmental path. Executive assessment gives an outside perspective – a second opinion – on a manager’s strengths and liabilities and will help organizations in qualifying its decisions with regards to career path and developmental plan for managers.

A recruitment process is often characterized in many expectations, hopes and demands for the new manager – and often many unknowns characterizes the decision process, when the job interviews have been held. Executive assessment examines more in-depth the candidates’ personal and leadership competencies – and is able to uncover expected leadership behavior. Executive assessment will support a qualified choice of candidate to a given position.

Executive assessment is also relevant, when an organization needs to develop its managers. It can map developmental potential and limitations in a manager – and can effectively identify need for training and development to ensure optimal impact. Executive assessment is often relevant, when an organization changes strategy and direction as it puts new demands and expectations on managers’ ability to execute.

The assessment process will be planned in cooperation with key people in the organization – and will be tailored for the purpose.

Organizational Psychologist, MSc in Psychology,
Specialist and supervisor in Organisational Psychology
Anne-Marie Herrguth Hoffmann

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